Subway Loop Single Channel Mix
Paul Wong, 1975-2022
11 min., video, black and white, sound

This three-channel installation, from the Modern Television Loop Series, utilizes the qualities of real and edited time. “Three views of Toronto’s underground action; trains pull in, pause, doors open, crowds exchange places, whirl off into oblivion. It is mesmerizing, this subsurface world. You could sit and watch for hours as the hypnotic qualities of TV sets and passing trains act together”.
-Peggy Gale, 1977, Only Paper Today.

Originally presented as a three monitor video installation, it has taken 47 years to use today’s digital technology to edit the 3 channels into a single channel work.

Subway Loop Single Channel Mix was screened as part of It’s a Party: Charles Street Video 41st Anniversary at 76 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 2B5, Canada, Friday, Sep 16, 2022.