Paul Wong, 1974-2024
31:20min., b&w video, single channel, sound

Based on the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, this multi monitor work was commissioned for the Burnaby Art Gallery’s Video Bag exhibition. Earthworks in Harmony was a 4 channel, 16 monitor video wall, it was performed live “VJ” operating 4 1/2″ open reel videotape recorders. It featured original recorded materials by Wong and included reworked segments from a number of Vancouver artists making land art/conceptual videos. Video Bag featured some of Vancouver’s most exciting established and emerging artist experimenting with video art. This was Paul’s first public art commission and critical success.

This work has been reprised for it’s 50th anniversary exhibition opening January 25, 2024 at DLG (Deer Lake Gallery). Paul has digitally remastered and reconstructed Earthworks in Harmony into a single channel video.

Editor for 2024 reconstruction
Christian Yves Jones
Thanks to:
VIVO Media Arts Centre for preserving the original 1/2” open reel videotapes and
Clark Nikolai for providing the new digital masters
Paul Wong Lynn Valley 1974
Photo Annastacia McDonald (Oakleaf)

Image Contributions:
Death Valley Linda Rubin & Matthew Speier
Digging in Sand Keigo Yamamoto
Sand Pile Tom Burrows
Fire & Mirrors Image Bank & Michael Goldberg
Kite Event Seichi Fujii
Helium Balloons Royal Canadian Aerial Theatre
Salmon Spawning Michael Goldberg
Fire Event Mr. Peanut
Nuclear Explosions Infinity Studio
Flying Leopard Kate Metcalfe. HP & Byron Black
Snowscape (Glacier Project) Gan Matsushita
Wrapping Rope Keigo Yamamoto
Trees Walter Wright
Thanks to:
Hiro, Dolly, Ivory Buttons & Annastacia
For lite party & bubbles
Helping Hand:
Video Taping, Annastacia Oakleaf
Editing and Audio, Hank Bull & Kate Metcalfe
Intro voiceover Kenneth Fletcher