Earthworks in Harmony 1974 Lynn Valley
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Earthworks In Harmony
Earthworks in Harmony 1974 – Description
Earthworks in Harmony 1974 – TV Sketch
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Earthworks In Harmony
Paul Wong, 1974
32 min., b&w video, 4 channel, 16 monitor video wall, sound
Distributor: Video Out Distribution/Vivo Media Arts

Based on the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, this multi monitor work was commissioned for the Burnaby Art Gallery’s Video Bag exhibition. Earthworks featured original recorded materials by Wong and included reworked segments from a number of Vancouver artists making land art videos including clips from Image Bank/Vincent Trasov Fire and Mirrors, Tom Burrows Sand Pile, Matthew Spier Dunes. Video Bag featured some of Vancouver’s most exciting established and emerging artist experimenting with video art. This was Paul’s first public art commission and critical success.