Art House Swirl

Paul Wong, 2023
Painted mural
51.42′ x 7′
Deer Lake Gallery, 6584 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3T7
Launched Dec 1, 2023

The vortex was an experimental technique explored by early video artists in the 1960s. The design was created by pointing a live camera back onto a video screen, generating a feedback loop that created spirals. Art House Swirl is a long-term, temporary art activation that celebrates Wong’s very first video art exhibition at the Burnaby Art Gallery in 1974 while also paying homage to the architectural style of this modernist ’60s house.

Art House Swirl was installed by muralist, Col Urrutia with support from Dado Designs and Judge Painting Co. This public artwork was commissioned by Deer Lake Gallery/Burnaby Arts Council.

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