Dead Man Talking
Paul Wong, 1997

Artist Paul Wong presents ‘Dead Man Talking’, a multi-media presentation on western science and its relation to Chinese medical practice, with reference to cultural attitudes towards death. Wong: “In many cultures, the most important celebrations are associated with death. These are momentous events, dying well represents having lived well, to be respected by family and community. The deceased are honoured privately and publicly. There are regular festivals and holidays set aside for collective funerals and memorials. These are celebrations of life that include all members of the community. Western culture’s denial of death negates common ground of communal bonding”. Death is a recurring theme in Wong’s photo, video, performance, and installations. Videoclips from several projects that are from his Chinese-Canadian identity are used as he explores the traditions and rituals associated with ancestral worship.

Part of Parallel Universe: Ansuman Biswas, Paul Wong. Arts Catalyst. London, England. March, 1998

Distributed by Paul Wong Projects