Blending Milk and Water: Sex in the New World
Paul Wong, 1996
video, 28 min., colour, stereo, English, Mandarin and Cantonese

Blending Milk and Water: Sex in the New World is a cross-cultural, intergenerational, documentary about the diverse views of sex from twenty-two people. The recollections, fears and opinions of young people, professionals, healthworkers, educators, artists, community activists, and people living with AIDS are mixed.

“Paul Wong’s latest video, Blending Milk and Water: Sex in the New World is an important and indicative work from today’s flux that once was, not so long ago called the (Canadian) West Coast “scene”. This tape works within yet subverts the genre of AIDS educational video, mapping a compelling “new world” of displacement, loss and fractured optimism. Over the last fifteen years, the AIDS educational video has become a crucial means for describing queer culture and  for asserting a range of experiences of marginality. The AIDS pandemic and activist responses to it have progressively destabilized the hegemonies, the hierarchies and boundaries of the erotic, love, and death. Blending Milk and Water: Sex in the New World is more then a good introduction to the new world on the West Coast; one can say that it is the stuff of new Canadian mythology”.
– Sex Migrants, Paul Wong’s Video Geographies of Erotic and Cultural Displacement in Pacific Canada, Gordon Brent Ingram, Fuse Magazine, vol. 20 #1,Winter 1997.

Produced in collaboration with ASIA (Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS in Vancouver).

USA premier in Oct. 1996 at the New Documentaries series at the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

Public Collections: Vancouver Art Gallery.

Distributor: Vtape, Video Out