Year of GIF
Paul Wong, 2013
GIF video installation, 5 min loop, no sound
Dimensions variable

The everyday is captured in a series of GIFs. Over 350 Graphic Interchange Format files are mashed together in this visual party. Drawing from an archive of hundreds of smart phone GIFs made by the artist over a year, this new work commissioned for Surrey Urban Screen functions like a mosaic of virtual flipbooks simultaneously exploring themes of new media, the RGB colour model, colour bar test patterns, the formal shape of the circle, architecture, art, and portraits of family and friends.

This is the largest GIF-art in the world at 120×35′ installed at Surrey Urban Screen. Surrey Urban Screen is located on the west wall of Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre (13458-107A Avenue, in City Centre). It was viewable from the SkyTrain between Gateway and Surrey Central stations, and operated 30 minutes after sundown until midnight daily.

Post-production: Patrick Daggitt

Commissioned by the Surrey Art Gallery Urban Screen
January 23 to April 28, 2013

Available at Paul Wong Projects


Year of Gif open book