Generative Portraits
Paul Wong, 2012-2014
printed digital photographs, 36×48″

A series of portraits constructed from photographs taken by the artist. The portraits are created using generative montage software.

Brian Kent Gotro, June 2012.
This is constructed from hundreds of images taken of Brian from 2007-2012.

Rick Erickson, July 2012.
This is constructed from hundreds of images taken during a two week period in Beijing, 2008.

Kickstarter Portrait, 2014
22 8×10″, 2 16×20″, 4 24×36″
This is a limited edition print created as a reward for the MIMMiC Kickstarter project. The portrait is constructed from pics of 89 people who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign. MIMMiC (Mobile Interactive Modular Multiscreen iPad Canvas) is a software platform that uses 9 synchronized tablets. The software allows media to be displayed on a series of touch-screens with the ability of each module to react individually or as a group. Its main function is to disrupt media intelligently across multiple screens. This software and hardware platform is a collaborative development from On Main Gallery, Paul Wong and Patrick Daggitt.