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Windows 97 (Paul Wong, 1997)
Neon sculpture, 4’x 12’x 11.5”, animated neon mounted on hand painted galvanized steel
2 canvas 4’× 12’

This work was originally created as a site specific installation for the Fortune Cookies exhibition at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in London, England. This exhibition was during the final months when Britain was obligated to return the Hong Kong colony back to China. This work is a critique of colonialism, nationalism, reunification, capitalism and communism. It also toured to Site Gallery, Sheffield (Aug, 1997),  Nunnery Gallery, London, (1998). It was shown once for 5 hours in Vancouver as part of Wong’s 2010 Winter Olympic spectacle ‘5’.

Windows 97 was co-commissioned by ICA Live Arts and Locus+.