WAH-Q: Overseas Chinese
Paul Wong, 1998
performance, 20 min.
installation, variable dimensions

WAH-Q is a 20 minute performance using prerecorded and live video, audio, one actor, one table, and one chair. WAH-Q means Overseas-Chinese – it is an official class and popular form that refers to ethnic Chinese living outside of China. It is an envied and despised class depending on who is doing the judging. The Wah-Q has it’s own set of rules and regulations for visiting and doing business in China: it’s own currency, exchange rates, accommodations, visa privileges, import/export quotas, and special rates. It has access to the best of both worlds – this was a much coveted connection.

Wah-Q is a work about sexual identity and was created for Journey To The East using the Peking Opera tradition of two actors, two chairs and a table. WAH-Q is a video performance using live action, live and prerecorded video sources. An installation version was created for gallery exhibition.

Exhibition History:
Journey To The East Performances, Shousen Theatre, Hong Kong, Jan 21-23, 1998.
Journey To The East Installation, Hong University of Science & Technology Jiangnan, March 1998.
Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, April 7, 1998.

Distributor: Paul Wong Projects