The First Emperor’s Last Day
Directed by Ong Keng Sen, in collaboration with Paul Wong, 1998
video performance

Imagine a temporal vortex, fusing feudal China with the high technology of computerization. Into this timescape, four people from different walks of life are prisoners of the Emperor Shih Huang Ti. A psychological suspense thriller that unfolds all around you is heightened by a production that utilizes cameras on stage and TV monitors thoughout the hall. The auditorium becomes one large surveillance room. The impact: the audience lives out the intrigue and paranoia with greater intensity then ever before.

TheatreWorks, June 13, 14, 1998. Victoria Theatre, Singapore.

Written by Tan Tarn How
Directed by Ong Keng Sen
In collaboration with Video Artist Paul Wong
Lighting Designer Kuo Jian Hong
Set Designer Pierre Thibaudeau
With Koh Boon Pin, Lim Yu-Beng, Karen Tan and introducing Ravi Veloo