Installation 1984

Paul Wong, 1984
Site specific installation
A series of sculptures made from five miles of barbwire, video projection and photography
Titles: Sphere, X, Wedge, Chinavision and the four maquettes (20″ x 30″)

The inaugural installation for the Convertible Showroom Vancouver, curators Daina Augaitis and Collin Griffiths.

“The concern for the multiple readings of the use of a site, and the possibility that a passive exhibition such as INSTALLATION 1984, at the Convertible Showroom in Vancouver, could be viewed as a performance piece was elaborated by Wong, who characterized it as “an exhibition but also as a set. I was very aware of the street traffic seen through the windows, and by presenting barbed-wire sculptures inside the gallery I intended to create an element of danger and anticipation outside.”10 This work is one of the few that does not include a video component.” – excerpt from Anatomy of a Thriller by Elspeth Sage from the National Gallery of Canada catalogue Paul Wong: On Becoming a Man (1995).