Confused [the videotape]
Paul Wong, 1984
52 minutes, colour video
co-directed with Gary Bourgeois, Gina Daniels, and Jeanette Reinhardt

A visual/aural non-linear narrative. A layering of ideas, facts, opinions, prejudices, fears, and styles. The story is based upon the innuendoes and interrelationships of four main characters – Gary, Gina, Jeanette and Paul. Distinct video forms are used to build the narrative and to handle the complex range of information and technical styles. The video’s intent is to develop a broader understanding and tolerance by its viewers towards a new sexual attitude.

-Adapted from Jeanette Reinhardt ed. Video Out Distribution Catalogue,  Vancouver: Satellite Video Exchange Society, 1990, p. 21.

Distributor: Vtape, Video Out