EAT: Mainstreet Dinner for the Homeless
Paul Wong, 2002
3 min., stereo, colour, English, single-channel w/ credits
also available as a multiscreen installation, variable dimensions

EAT: Mainstreet Dinner for the Homeless is a roving view of the homeless occupying the public sidewalks surrounding the vacant Woodward’s Building in the downtown East side. The tent city becomes both an eyesore and rallying point for the plight of the homeless and disenfranchised in Vancouver’s booming real estate market. Inter-cut with poverty is a chef preparing a gourmet meal and images of the houseboy cleaning. Originally created for the EAT issue #5 of -a virtual dinner party. The drink has been poured, and the table set, for a digital feast you’ll never forget! EAT! is a pan-Canadian dinner party of gastronomic proportions. What’s on the menu? Heaping platefuls of digital art! Eight artist-chefs from the West Coast to the Maritimes offer up a multi-course meal of media morsels to grace our table. Please come in, the other guests are about to arrive!

Recorded in Vancouver

Videographer: Paul Wong
Post Production: Paul Wong

Distributor: Video Out, Vtape, Paul Wong Projects