Paul Wong, 1981
videotape, 42 minutes, colour

’4′ originated as a collaborative performance by Deborah Fong, Carol Hackett, Annastacia McDonald and Jeanette Reinhardt as the S.S. Girls, following events and activities of the women’s daily lives on Main Street. The performance was produced by Paul Wong and co-sponsored by the Video Inn. ’4′ explores the lives and personalities of four women as described by one another in the style of a feuding dysfunctional family. ’4′ was developed as a multimedia performance, first staged at Western Front in 1980, then followed by a tour across Canada and into the USA. The scripted multimedia presentations were later adapted to a video work.

An autobiographic script of four women – The S.S Girls. This tape portrays this volatile foursome as a difficult unit who confront contemporary issues and individual pressures. Optimism through drugs, sex, and rock and roll. This tape utilizes the look of real implied “cinéma vérité”, employing a variety of techniques suited to the raw assault. It is part of the Mainstreet Tapes. A feminist work.

The SS Girls: Deborah Fong, Carol Hackett, Annastacia McDonald, Jeanette Reinhardt.

Originally a performance with video that toured across Canada and the USA. The work was adapted for video.

Distributed by Vtape, Video Out