13 Cameras Vancouver

Limited edition of 1300
240 pp Paperback

13 Cameras Vancouver features the photographs of the Vancouver art collective; Marian Penner Bancroft, Ian Baxter, Taki Bluesinger, Chris Dahl, Michael de Courcy, Chris Gallagher, Barrie Jones, Roy K. Kiyooka, Martha Miller, Dale Pickering, David Rimmer, Kazumi Tanaka, and Paul Wong. The book includes an introduction by member Kiyooka. 13 Cameras Vancouver was a series of exhibitions before and after the publishing of the book.

Pauls Wong’s contribution to this collaborative project is 8 double portraits featuring subjects from the punk scene in Vancouver.

  • Chuck Biscuit
  • Susan Britton
  • Tina
  • Ken Fletcher & Annastacia McDonald
  • Jeanette Reinhardt
  • Patti Smith
  • Aleh Fitzgerald
  • Penelope Houston

The portrait of Paul Wong by Kim Tomczak is printed from a polaroid negative.