Paul Wong, 2010
2 channel, stereo, colour, 49 min w/ credits [4:3]

ZOOOOOM was originally created and presented as a video presentation on a specially equipped bus that was part of ’5′, a series of site-specific projects for the 2010 Winter Olympics. www.5.paulwongprojects.com
It was a moving audio/visual journey, passengers zoooom through the urban core on a magical mystery tour. Departing hourly participants experienced distorted and altered space created by real and edited time mashing fiction, non-fiction and abstract sources. ZOOOOOM into a moving cinematic view was not your usual guided tour.

ZOOOOOM is now available as a 2 channel video that can be shown on a moving bus, gallery installation, or screened theatrically.

Right Channel: Round Trip
Recorded in Vancouver, Round Trip takes you on a car ride that starts on Main Street, goes through downtown, the west end, Stanley Park, and then retraces its route back to Main Street.  Composed as a visual journey, Round Trip makes use of video mixing mimicking the visual qualities of the club-sound experience.

Left Channel List of Works

Paul Wong, 2010, 05.52
Recorded in Venice

2. Rails
Brian Kent Gotro, 2010, 04:28
3 Maniacs hide, crouch and hop onto a freight car departing Vancouver -an endurance journey of steel sound chaos and torrent diesel discomforts them to Kamloops, BC where they disembark on a bridge. 2 of 3 return home safely.
Distributor: www.videoout.ca

3. Storm
Paul Wong, 2009, 07:30
Recorded in Minneapolis
Driver: Brian Howell

4. Snakes on a Bus
Paul Wong, 2010, 04:57
Special ZOOOOOM Mash Up of a Hollywood Classic

5. Eat
Paul Wong, 2002, 03:51
Recording of homeless tent city surrounding Woodwards created for horizonzero.ca

6. Dovetale
Tony Pantages/Paul Wong, 2010, 02:49
Mixing together of Pantages Implosion of Woodwards with Wong’s Downtown Eastside Alleys

7. Go Greyhound
Paul Wong, 2010, 05:42
…and leave the driving to us

8. Set Fires
Paul Wong, 2008, 04:22
Punks set fires. Developers build condos. 12th and Main.

9. 8th Avenue
Paul Wong, 2010, 02:21
Recorded Oct. 31, 2008 wandering the streets of NYC with Rick Erickson and Brian Kent Gotro

10. Car Crash
Paul Wong, 2010, 03:50
Paul’s first iPhone video. 3rd and Main.

Right Channel

11. Round Trip
Paul Wong, 2010, 46:00
2-camera recording Jan 2010, Main St-Cambie Br-Beach Ave-Stanley Park-Georgia St-Main St.

Commissioned by the City of Vancouver

Videographers: Brian Gotro & Kenneth Yuen
Post-Production: Brian Gotro

Distributed by Paul Wong Projects