MIMMiC Wave Cycle

MIMMiC Wave Cycle

Paul Wong, 2015
9 min. loop, colour, stereo sound
Can be exhibited in variable formats as a single channel 9 minute video, or as a 9 channel video installation, or in it’s original MIMMiC interactive platform for 9 iPads.

Wave Cycle is a work constructed with images and sounds of crashing water recorded on BC’s wild west coast. Wave Cycle is composed of 9 one-minute scenes from dramatic thundering offshore waves to gentle foaming lapping waters including stunning and vibrant seascapes to murky grey vistas and rock-pools. Primarily void of humans with the exception of a lone surfer bobbing in the foreboding Pacific Ocean.

Wave Cycle is the prototype artwork created on MIMMiC a software and hardware platform that was developed over three years, a collaboration from Paul Wong, Patrick Daggitt and On Main Gallery. MIMMiC (Mobile Interactive Modular Multiscreen iPad Canvas) is a software platform that uses 9 synchronized tablets. The software allows media to be displayed on a series of touch-screens with the ability of each module to react individually or as a group. Its main function is to disrupt media intelligently across multiple screens. Participants are encouraged to touch the screens using 1 to 4 finger gestures: taps, strokes, and swipes to interact with the artwork.

The nine Wave Cycle tablets are mounted on a metal wall with magnets. Viewers are allowed to fragment a single picture up to nine parts, with the ability to offset time and spatial relationships, zoom in or out, pause, fast-forward, rewind, tint single or multi-screen iterations of the visuals and sound.

The MIMMiC platform and Wave Cycle were launched at ISEA2015. ISEA is one of the world’s most prominent international arts and technology events, bringing together scholarly, artistic, and scientific domains in an interdisciplinary discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in art, interactivity, and electronic and digital media. The event annually brings together artists, designers, academics, technologists, scientists, and general audience in the thousands. The symposium consists of a conference, exhibitions, and events—from large scale interactive art to cutting edge electronic music performance.

In addition Paul Wong commissioned four other artists to create with MIMMiC
Evann Siebens
Adam Myhill & Christine Wallace
Sammy Chien

Producer: On Main Gallery
Curator: Paul Wong
MIMMiC Designer: Patrick Daggitt

The MIMMiC platform and Wave Cycle was made possible with the financial assistance of
BC Film & Video (2012)
Kickstarter (2013)
BC Arts Council Innovations (2014)

Artist Bios


Evan Siebens work is a response to gesture, the point of contact between the user and the interface of MIMMic. Guesture involved three generations of Women’s hands communicating through touch and Sound. Siebens makes media about movement. Siebens has a background as a dancer, choreographer, documentary filmmaker, experimental visual and media artist. She has exhibited her short films and media installations at galleries such as Eyebeam and Centre Pompidou, while her documentaries have been screened at MOMA and on PBS. A former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and Bonn Ballet, Evann graduated from New York University.

Now based in Vancouver, Evann co-curated ContainR during the 2010 Olympics. She has participated in residencies at the Banff Centre and ACME/UK with Keith Doyle. Recent exhibitions include MediaArtLab/Urban Screen, Russia; Winsor Gallery, Wil Aballe Art Projects, ON MAIN and Gallery 295, Vancouver. She just closed her exhibit Chromatic Revelry at dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton. Evann recently won the ID/Identities Istanbul 2012 Best Video Prize.



Myhill & Wallace collaborated to produce an interactive sculpture that incorporates both the iPads and the human form. Cinematically composed shots of Wallace, an award-winning competitive bodybuilder, will test our conceptions of touch, consent, gender, and strength.

Adam Myhill is a a DOP, colorist and photographer based out of Vancouver BC Canada.  Mayhill works on feature films, music videos, commercials and also provides stills for fashion, advertising and editorial.   Myhill grew up in a photo studio and color calibrated photo enlargers before he could drive a car.  Myhill’s entire life has revolved around imagery lenses and cameras.  His methodology is a mix of old-school fundamentalism (light meters!) and new-school technology (computers to do all sorts of wonderful things). Adam’s passion zone is the intersection of art and technology.  He’s worked as a DOP or photographer with:  Michael Bay, Electronic Arts, Hype Williams, The Beastie Boys, Christina Hendricks, Alex De Rakoff, Nike, Adidas, the 2010 Olympics, to name some of my favorites. Mayhill is comfortable operating a Stedicam.  He’s also color grade / colorist.


Christine Wallace is a Canadian theatre/film actress and a national level figure competitor (bodybuilder). Most recently she was the female lead in Martin Cummins’ (Genie award winner) feature, ‘Hell in a Handbag’ where she worked opposite of Callum Keith Rennie (two time Genie winner), and Ian Tracey (Gemini winner). On stage she just completed Theresa Rebecks Broadway hit, ‘Seminar’. Christine has been a competitive bodybuilder for the last 3 years and has always had a passion for the aesthetic of bodybuilding.


Sammy Chien directed a new media performance inspired from I Ching, the ancient Chinese divination text known as the Book of Changes. Performers activated the iPads which in turn activated the performers. This was a reflection of the impact of the mediated experience upon contemporary society context in an audiovisual and performative format.

Chien (Taiwan, 1985) Vancouver interdisciplinary media artist, performer and the Artistic Director of Chimerik Collective. Sammy seeks to merge cinema, sound art, new media, and dance performances techniques into a new individual practice. His background is in experimental film, electroacoustic music and digital technology. He began his new media dance performance journey with Dr. Henry Daniel & Troika Ranch (in Touched, T2, Imprint MoA, Imprint II). Since then, he frequently collaborates in multi-disciplinary projects in film, dance, improvised audiovisual performance, live electronic concerts, theatre, video installation exhibitions. His work has been featured in Canada, India, Germany, and Taiwan. He has received several research assistantships: the Canada Council/NSERC New Media Grant 2007-2010, and is involved in research that focuses on the integration of art, science, and technology. He is the co-founder/artistic director of Chimerik Collective. He is also a VJ & DJ for art shows, bars, parties, and concerts.