Perfect Day
Paul Wong, 2007
7:30, stereo, colour, English, single-channel w/ credits

For its subversiveness, its profundity, its courage, and its humour. Not your average portrait of the artist-or the artistic process, for that matter.
-Kass Banning, Reel Asian juror

The artist records himself at home proudly indulging in the happiness of a drug (heroin and cocaine) inspired perfect day. The music of Lou Reed: Heroin and Perfect Day. Recorded on Sunday – edited on Monday. Be Happy.

“How Soon Is Now, organized by the VAG’s Kathleen Ritter, is the result of more than 100 studio visits, with the list ultimately whittled down to 34 artists. The êminence grise of the show is the video artist Paul Wong. However you may view his work (and it can at times come across as enfant-terrible affectation), there’s no denying that – when it comes to singing the body electric – he’s the go-to guy, for more than three decades making works that explore, among other things, race, human sexuality and the occasional foray into drug abuse. (One work here, titled Perfect Day, extols the pleasure of ice cream, heroin and cigarettes.) “

-Sarah Milroy, Globe and Mail, February 14, 2009

Recorded in Vancouver

Winner of NFB BEST CANADIAN FILM and/or VIDEO AWARD, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2008. This work has been extensively curated and programmed in galleries and festivals internationally.

Videographer: Paul Wong
Post Production: Paul Wong
Music by Lou Reed, Transformer 1972

Distributor: Vtape, Video Out