Ooooo Canada
Paul Wong, 2010
28:34 min., colour, stereo, single-channel w/ credits

Ooooo Canada is a 30-minute edited version presenting highlights from the five-hour live webcast on February 13,2010.  Ooooo Canada was the first in a series of five site-specific projects presented during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter games in Vancouver.  The broadcast was co-hosted by Skeena Reece and Paul Wong. It is an alternative critique of corporate, mass, pop and nationalist culture in the 21stcentury.  Reece and Wong provide illuminating, personal, political, aboriginal, and comedic perspectives.

Scenes include: Opening Ceremonies, Branding, Spirit Bear, Flower Arranging.

‘5’ Five Site-Specific Events Feb. 13 to Mar. 13, 2010. 
Happened on five Saturdays during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. 5 unique productions took the public on extraordinary journeys thru real, invented, and imagined places. The always surprising PAUL WONG and dozens of Guest Artists engaged this city in what was a spectacular series. Five 5-hour events as in the 5 Olympics rings, 5 senses, 5 moments, 5 colours, 5 encounters.

Produced by ON MAIN (On The Cutting Edge Production Society) Commissioned by The City of Vancouver through its Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program, as part of Mapping And Marking Artist-Initiated Projects for Vancouver 2010.

Executive Producer + Director: Paul Wong
Hosts: Skeena Reece + Paul Wong
Cameras: Heather Keung & Marcus Rogers
Video Mixer: Brian Gotro
Web Master: Archer Pechawis
Sound Recording: Paddy Ryan
Production Assistants:
Claudia Fernandez, Andrea Van Schubert, Heather Tsang, Kenneth Yuen
Mobile Media Correspondent: Natasha Neale

Thanks to:
Bean Around The World, The Flower Factory, Lifetime Collective,
Nuba Lebanese Cuisine, Welks Variety Store

Distributor: Vtape, Video Out