Above: Special Collectors Box 1 of 8

Occupying Chinatown Special Collectors Box

Handmade box with magnetic closer
Signed limited edition of 8, each set is unique

Inquires: admin@onmaingallery.ca

1. Box. 29.21cm x 35.56cm x 2.54cm
2. Occupying Chinatown Book
3. Love Letters Folio:
3a. Love Letters Story. 41.91cm x 36.2cm
3b/c. Two original watercolour paintings by Soo Ying Tse. 38cm x 29cm
3d. One original letter mailed to Soo Ying Tse
4. Red Envelope:
4b. USB Flash card (4gb) with three video works:
Ordinary Shadows, Chinese Shade (1988) 90min w/ sound
Motherʼs Cupboard (2020) 13min w/ sound
Chinese Only Bumpers (2019) 1min
5. Two bookmarks

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Above: Special Collectors Box 1 of 8