Karen’s Room
Paul Wong, 2011
installation with single-channel video projection loop, colour, stereo
sheets, towels, pillows, pillow cases, bandages, clothes line, hotel furnishings, black markers, television

Karen is back at The Hotel from her most-recent goodwill missions around the globe. Karen will be back at it collecting and recycling the hotel sheets and linens and repurposing them for worthy causes. A well-meaning activist, Karen has contributed our used bedding to numerous charities in Vancouver and around the world, including the homeless, the destitute in the Downtown Eastside and Surrey, and to victims of natural disasters in Haiti and Pakistan.

The Waldorf Hotel launched Room 103 with the return of Paul Wong’s The Hotel. Off Main presented Karen’s Room as the first of 3 of the original 12 site-specific performances and art installations created by Paul Wong for The Hotel, which wowed the thousands of attendees at The Waldorf Hotel Grand Opening on Halloween. Wong invited participants to wander the hallways and enter ‘guest rooms’, blurring the boundaries of public and private space. The Waldorf Hotel is located at 1489 E. Hastings St. www.waldorfhotel.com

Video Credits:
Karen: Andrea Van Schubert
Videographers: Marcus Rogers & Paul Wong
Editors: Brian Gotro & Paul Wong
Post Production: Brian Gotro

Distributed by Paul Wong Projects