‘in ten sity 1978′
Paul Wong (2004)
22″ X  32″
7 colour photo screen print
Signed limited edition of 33

Based on the 1978  video performance and installation ‘in ten sity” this seven colour screen print was made in collaboration with the print studio at the Banff Centre, Alberta.

“in ten sity is an endurance piece, a statement of emotional and physical intensity, a visual and vocal expression of a vein of thought and strain of energy”. Dedicated Kenneth Fletcher 1954-1978

Wong climbed into the space and for 25 minutes, he bounced off the walls to the lyrics of The Avengers, Patti Smith and The Sex Pistols. According to a newspaper account the performance culminated in an unscheduled near riot on the part of the audience who threw objects, and then themselves, into the space in an attempt to both reinforce and interrupt Wong’s statement of emotional and physical intensity.