I Am Somebody

Paul Wong, 2011
16 x 64.24″
Digital Print
Edition of 3

I Am Somebody is a selfie in which the artist has superimposed the words “I am somebody” and has repeated the image three times.  This work was created for his solo exhibition Immanent.

“Wong inserts himself into the exhibition explicitly through several other works: Signature (2011), the artist’s autograph rendered in bright neon; I Am Somebody (2011), a digital print with the title over an image of the artist; and Cover (2011), a series of 4 silkscreened prints on newsprint showing Wong’s face on the cover of the Georgia Straight, from an issue that featured him. These works serve to insert Wong’s identity into the space of the exhibition, reminding us that he is never far from his art.”

– Kathleen Ritter, Immanent: Paul Wong