Exit Upon Arrival
Paul Wong, 2010
2:45 min., colour, stereo, single-channel w/ credits

In vertical split screen we see and hear two shifting views of the artist entering and exiting via a set of swinging doors. Going in and out of the light the top frame sees the performer in a wide shot, the bottom frame in medium range.

The sequences were shot single camera, each of the two scenes are overlaid with the same scene running forward and backward.

Exit Upon Arrival is available in single channel for screenings and as a two-channel installation with variable configurations.

Exit Upon Arrival was presented at One More Than Three at Mountainview Cemetery, part of Paul Wong’s ‘5’, a series of site-specific events commissioned by the City Of Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program.                                   www.5.paulwongprojects.com

Videographer: Paul Wong
Post-Production: Brian Gotro
Recorded at the abandoned North Shore Yacht Club on the Salton Sea, California, USA