Body Fluid
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Paul Wong, 1987
22min video

A skillful, sensual rendering of an intriguing performance orchestrated by the artist. Through a fog-laden atmosphere, iconic figures emerge to perform on a huge turntable. Our look at this garishly lit spectacle is mediated by the gaze of a female Red Guard. All flesh and brilliance, this tape appears to critique popular culture by robbing it of any ostensible content. Hollywood proverb says, beneath the surface of fake tinsel lies only the real tinsel – the detritus of our times.

This video was based the on a performance as part of Luminous Sites (1986) an exhibition of 10 video installations in Vancouver.

Body Fluid is an electronic spectacle of live and pre-recorded video projections, live acoustic and recorded quadrophonic music, lighting effects and mechanical devices. It is a revolving display of performers as mass media icons taking part in a structuralist rearrangement of the elements of television.

Body Fluid is a site-specific work for the ½ RPM truck turntable in the Sears/Harbour Centre shipping and receiving area.