7 Day Activity

Paul Wong, 1977-2008
8:30 min., stereo, colour, English, single-channel w/ credits

Early colour video recorded on ½ in. Part of The Mainstreet Tapes (1976-1980) a series of autobiographic tapes documenting Wong & friends “youth & angst”. 7 day Activity – 7 days of facial treatments for acne. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the vainest of  them all. 1970′s body/art.

Digitally Re-Mastered & Re-Edited in 2008, the process of restoring the picture & sound elements included shortening the work from the original length of 13 minutes to 8.5 minutes.

Featuring: Paul Wong
Assisted by Carol Hackett, Kenneth Fletcher
Voices: Annastacia McDonald, Patrick Ready, Jeanette Reinhardt, Paul Wong
Originally Edited at Video Inn, Vancouver
Digital Re-Mastered at Paul Wong Projects
New Edit: Paul Wong/Brian Gotro
Post-Production: Brian Gotro

Distributed by Vtape

7 Day Activity Photo Panels

Paul Wong, 1977
1 of 1, Colour photography dry mounted on flesh coloured card
23.5″ x 16″

Day 1 Soapdish
Day 2 Mint Suled
Day 3 Apricot Cleanser
Day 4 Alcohol
Day 5 Zinc Ointment
Day 6 Tower Rack
Day 7 Condom Extractor