Windows 97-2
Windows 97-1


Windows 97
Paul Wong, 1997
neon sculpture, 4x4x8′
2 photographs on canvas 4×12′

Windows 97 acknowledges the de/decolonization of Hong Kong and was created for Fortune Cookies, the Chinese diaspora series at the ICA in May 1007. The site-specific installation was created for the Nash Room windows of the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art).

Windows 97 was co-commissioned by ICA Live Arts and Locus+.

Exhibition history:
Fortune Cookies exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK.  It has shown at Site Gallery, Sheffield in August 1997.  Nunnery Gallery, London, 1998.  Also installed at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden as part of ’5′, 2010.

Private collection of Rick Erickson