The Hotel

The Hotel
Paul Wong 2010
17:13 min., colour, stereo, single-channel w/ credits

For the Grand Opening of The Waldorf Hotel on Halloween 2010, Paul Wong created The Hotel, inviting participants to wander the hallways and enter ‘guest rooms’, blurring the boundaries of public and private space.  Expect nothing/will happen, and it did.

The Hotel featured 12 site-specific performances and art installations created by Wong, which wowed the thousands who attended. This 17-minute video is both document of and art which captures the manic beauty and chaos of Wong’s mise en scène event.

Room 106 PRIVATE DANCER Sergeant: Marvin Vergara
Room 115 SALLY: Sally Chui & Paul Wong
Room 118 THE WOMAN: Cara Siu
Room 120 KAREN: Andrea Van Schubert
Room 121 LONG TERM TENANT: Shane
Room 122 CHELSEA HOTEL: Attila & Jermaine
Room 126 & 131 THE CROSS DRESSER: Adam & Eve: Bobbi Kozinuk
Room 127 PERFECT DAY: Paul Wong
THE MAID: Lisa Snelling
THE HOTEL DIRECTOR: Paul Wong & Kenneth Yeun
THE HOTEL MANAGER: Kent: Brian Kent Gotro

Camera: Marcus Rogers and Paul Wong
Editing: Paul Wong
Post-production: Brian Gotro

Installation, Performance, Video