Running in a Maze

Running in a Maze
Paul Wong, 2008
3 min., stereo, colour, single-channel w/ credits

Running In A Maze features an abstracted video of young women and men playfully chasing one another in a maze created by artist Charles Rea. The layering of architectural forms and spaces in conjunction with abstracted text creates a visual labyrinth in which multiple mirrored surfaces collide. Wong’s video documents Rea’s Mirror Maze, an installation consisting of symbols and patterns painted onto large convex security mirrors. The mirrored planes and cryptic text used to decipher information reference modern information systems and other myriad forms of technology. Splicing and fusing of architectural forms and transparent walls in this maze simulate an environment of reflected and reflecting surfaces that parallel Wong’s interest in discovering his own identity.

Shown as part of  ’5′ at the Bloedel Conservatory.

Maze Installation by Charles Rea
Location: Belkin Satellite Gallery, Vancouver
Featuring: Charles Rea, Carole, Cynthia & James Hackett
Videographer: Paul Wong
Post-Production: Paul Wong

Distributed by Vtape, Video Out