Chelsea Hotel Room 207

Chelsea Hotel Room 207
Paul Wong, 2008
8 min., stereo, colour, English, single-channel w/ credits

Crack induced euphoria amplifies a sexually charged environment. The cameraman is implicitly involved in the activities of two men in tightie-whities (one black/one white). Described by viewers as both horrific and so full of humanity. This work is not what-it-seems, or is it?

This work has been extensively curated and presented including Reel Asian International Film Festival 2008. BC Scene at Saw Video in conjuction with the National Art Centre. Part of Paul Wong | Homestyle, curated by JJ McFaden, at Reel Pride Film Festival, Winnipeg. Prismatic Festival 2012, Halifax.

Featuring: Attila Richard Lukacs, Jermain, Paul Wong
Videographer: Paul Wong
Post-Production: Brian Gotro
Sound Mix: Paddy Ryan, Big P Productions
Recorded at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC

Distributor: Video Out, Vtape