“The Touch ” at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden by @chun_hua_catherine_dong #occupyingchinatown. “I have been there” is about death, belonging and diaspora. I bury myself in historical cites and tourist attractions in different places, but I never had this ritual in China or places with Chinese context because I have very complicated feelings with China, and I was not sure if I really want to bury myself there…. When I was lying in the Chinese Garden in Chinatown in Vancouver, I felt peace. And later, Paul came, he said he wanted to have a photo. At the moment he put his hand on my hands, I felt I couldn’t hold myself together, all emotions came up that I was literally trembly: all these years of living abroad alone, all these years of looking for the feeling of belonging and home, all these things that I have tried to get rid of but actually so deep inside me that I can’t escape…. I felt all I need actually nothing else but a gentle touch from another human being, the connection, the longing for being understood and being connected. This feeling is so strong that I feel a gentle touch can mean a whole world to me. Thank you so much! Paul and my beloved friend and photographer Greg Sabo, for this wondering and transcending experience. There are something transforming inside me after this experience, I am still reflecting and trying to find a way to express it, but will keep you informed. Thank you!”

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